Uniform Consultation

The King Edward VI School propose to improve the school uniform for Year 9 – Year 11, from September 2017.

Below outlines why uniform is important and also links to online surveys so that students and parents/carers can input preferences for the new uniform.

Importance of a smart school uniform

A consistent uniform means that all students are the same and the pressure to wear a particular fashion or latest trend is removed. Removing this issue also potentially reduces bullying where students are made fun of for not wearing the latest trend.

A single uniform will often cost less in the long run as parents/carers will not have to buy the latest fashion multiple times in a year. Designer brands often cost more per item. Moving to a single supplier for hard wearing clothes will also reduce the need to buy multiple items of cheaper quality clothing throughout the year. We have had instances of students buying four or five pairs of trousers in a year as they have worn out.

Finally a smart uniform supports the high standards we expect at The King Edward VI School and shows that students and parents buy into these high standards. Whilst a uniform may not directly impact on achievements, it supports the school ethos which aims to build upon our successful history, value our heritage and encourage students to aspire to be the best they can be. We want all of our students to be proud of their school and proud of themselves.

Proposed Changes

From September the school intends to introduce blazers, shirts and ties. This consultation will allow staff, students and parents/carers to have an input into some of the detail of these changes.

Below are images which show the potential new uniform. Options include jumper or no jumper, black blazer and black trousers or maroon blazer and grey trousers.

Red Jacket With Grey Trousers No JumperRed Jacket With Grey Trousers and Black JumperBlack Jacket With Black Trousers No JumperBlack Jacket With Black Trousers With Jumper
Sept 2017
Sept 2017
Jumper £13 Blazer £25
Trousers £15 Trousers £15
Polo Shirt x3 £24 Asda White Shirt x 3 £9.75
Tie £4
Total £52 £53.75

We have had quotes from different suppliers and have chosen the supplier who we feel provides the cheapest price with the best quality.

If you are in a position where a new uniform will cause you financial worries, please contact Ms Gilholm our home school liaison in Student Support.


Below is a link to an online survey for parents/carers to put forward preferences on a number of options. The consultation will be open from Monday 20 March to Friday 31 March. Please only submit one form per family.

Parents only – Link to online consultation form.

Students in Year 9 & Year 10 will be emailed a separate consultation form following assembly on Thursday 23 March, where they will be shown the uniform option.